Best Bookstore (Used) in St. Paul (2014)

Sixth Chamber

The charm of a chaotic used bookstore crammed to the rafters with ephemera is hard to deny — but then, so is the convenience of finding exactly what you're looking for (and maybe a couple extra things that you didn't know you were looking for). For almost 20 years, St. Paul's Sixth Chamber has stocked its compact shelves with an inventory that's smartly organized, exhaustively tracked, and easily searched. The only thing you'll have a hard time finding there is a musty, beat-up, cracked-spine edition with pages falling out — Sixth Chamber is diligent about making sure everything on the shelves is just as clean and readable as what you can get from your library's new-arrivals section. (Yes, even — especially — their sizeable collection of childrens' books.) And whether it's a collector's-item rarity or a mass-market paperback, pricing is somewhere between competitive and a steal. This is what a used bookstore looks like when it's quality-over-quantity — and yet it's just as friendly and accessible as any store should be.

Location Details

1332 Grand Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105


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