Best Bookstore (Used) in Minneapolis (2014)

The Book House in Dinkytown

There's something about a college campus's secondhand culture that feels a bit more special than any other neighborhood's. When students leave the U, the opportunity to move elsewhere means consolidating as much as possible, and that's how so many choice books wind up filling the shelves at the Book House in Dinkytown. The campus proximity means lots to choose from if you want to pick up a book on art, history, media studies, or anything else of academic worth, but that selection's not at the expense of more casual-reader fare in fiction, humor, and graphic novels. Of course, the store's preservationist streak definitely helps — many of the more obscure and sought-after titles on the shelves are niche titles rescued from libraries — as does the traditional book-enthusiast atmosphere of positive claustrophobia. There's just enough room to move through the stacks, and move through the stacks you will; this is one of the most immersive hour-killer shops in the metro.

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Location Details

1316 4th St
Minneapolis MN 55414


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