Best Wardrobe (2014)

Sarah Edwards

If you've ever attended any sort of fashion event in the Twin Cities, you've probably noticed Sarah Edwards. She was the one wearing 10 different patterns with a headscarf while somehow managing to look well put together. Edwards is the marketing director at Pixel Farm, a North Loop creative studio, but she also moonlights as a stylist, personal shopper, and event producer. If you follow her on Instagram you will quickly learn that no matter the occasion, she is dressed to impress. Her wardrobe is a mix of designer and vintage pieces that, while fantastic in their own right, are even more appealing when Edwards mixes and matches them into an outfit. Loud pattern? She'll pair it will sequins. Ever supporting Minnesota's fashion scene, Sarah surprised the guests at last December's I AM MPLS! fashion and variety show with an unannounced wedding in which she wore a gown designed by local designer Emma Berg. Always unexpected, but forever on-trend, Sarah knows what works for her.


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