Best Villain (2014)

Pedal Pub

We all love to hate 'em — unless we're on one. The pedal-powered, booze-fueled pubs on wheels have proliferated like locusts around the Twin Cities in recent years. Since their patrons are known for obnoxious yelling, not tipping when they take pit stops at bars, and annoyingly blocking and taunting automobiles attempting to pass, there was understandably an outpouring of Schadenfreude when a Pedal Pub crashed near downtown Minneapolis last summer, spilling riders and beer onto the street. As dramatic images of the carnage spread on social media, the Twittersphere held its breath to make sure nobody was hurt. When it was clear everyone was okay, the collective response was, "Serves 'em right!" Goes to show not everything that stimulates the economy is for the greater good.


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