Best View from Out of Town (2014)

The New York Times dating scene article

This year the New York Times published an article titled, "The Dating Scene? Hip, With a Bit of 'Minnesota Nice.'" Written by someone who clearly does not live here, the story made for a fascinating way to see the Twin Cities observed by someone on the outside. Minnesota stereotypes abounded, with Big Buck Hunter playing an unnaturally prominent role in our mating rituals, and our hipster-hating tendencies on full display. One Twin Cities resident was quoted as saying, "We hate on hipsters, but we all dress like them," and another said that men here are always telling her she looks like the khaleesi from Game of Thrones. In a caricature of what everyone who lives here already knows about Uptown, the author offered a depiction of the dating scene in any mid-sized city. After all, twentysomethings getting drunk at dive bars and going on dates is hardly Twin Cities-specific. Despite the gaping stereotypes, we can't deny we got a guilty pleasure in seeing our "dating scene" chronicled by the Gray Lady.


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