Best View (2014)

Confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers

You can't step into the same river twice, but sometimes you can step into two rivers at once. The confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers is just about as picturesque as it gets in the Twin Cities. The Mdewakanton Dakota people call the confluence Bdote Minisota, and it holds special spiritual significance to the native people of the area. There are plenty of trails around the area — over 20 miles of interconnected paths can bring you to different vantage points — but the best way to experience the majesty of the confluence is by actually being in it. Canoeing through the river is one of the most incredible ways to immerse yourself in this natural wonder. The soft hum of insects, the burbling water, the smell of fresh grass, and the shady overhanging trees in the area create an atmosphere that immediately transports you out of the bustling metro and into an otherworldly place.


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