Best Tweeter (2014)

Chris Steller

Most of the chatter on Twitter isn't as funny as it pretends to be, but that's not the case with Chris Steller's account. Everything about his feed — from the cartoon profile pic to the hashtags — is wonderfully irreverent. Others try, but Steller is adept at pointing out the absurdity and unintended hilarity right under your nose. Steller got national attention when he had some fun with the Strib's now infamous headline — "Vikes fans face new bang for the butt" — which Steller passed along (via Twitter) to Jim Romenesko's well-read media blog. It helps that Steller is a journalist with a ballsy temperament: This is the guy who once sent Arianna Huffington an email asking if she'd consider blogging on his Fridley Patch site for free. One of Steller's long-running gimmicks is to occasionally retweet everyone who misspells "stellar" like his last name. For someone who tweets as often as he does, Steller has a surprisingly high shooting percentage, which makes him our Minnesota must-follow.


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