Best TV Weatherperson (2014)

Sven Sundgaard

KARE 11's Sven Sundgaard helped guide us through bleak forecast after bleak forecast during the worst winter in memory, but as far as we're concerned, that's not what his year will be remembered for. Last August, Sundgaard was enjoying a weekend at his family's cabin near Lake Mille Lacs when he woke up with a bat on his face. He didn't feel a bite, but when he returned to work, one of his co-workers cautioned that he should still get checked out by a doctor. The physician recommended Sundgaard undergo a regimen of pain-in-the-butt rabies shots that cost him about $2,000. Sundgaard, however, was a good sport about it and even shared photos of his flesh wound on Twitter. Sundgaard later said that in hindsight, he wishes he would've caught the bat and thereby made the shots unnecessary. "I guess the moral of the story is, catch it and save yourself time and money."


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