Best TV Newscaster (2014)

Jason DeRusha

Squint a little at the TV and you'd swear he was the quiet half of Penn & Teller. No, Jason DeRusha doesn't do magic tricks — at least not yet — but his rise to the anchor chair verges on the miraculous. In a world of hairdos who seem intent on out-boring their audience with mindless happy chatter, DeRusha's wry and self-deprecating wit is unique. Improved ratings for the WCCO Morning Show bear this out. DeRusha's gift is in being able to switch, sometimes mid-sentence, from dispassionate interviewer to subversively sarcastic clown. There seemed to be no end to the attention he got in 2013, including a cover profile in these pages, but he remains fresh in nearly every medium — broadcast, magazine, or Twittersphere. It's only a matter of time before DeRusha is called up to the network — proof that this rising star's career is no laughing matter.


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