Best Street (2014)

Lake Street

The Mississippi's at one end, Lake Calhoun's at the other, and in between are five miles that offer as definitive a picture of Minneapolis as you could hope to get. By car, bike, foot, or the 21 bus line, you can go from one vital Twin Cities landmark to another over the course of a few blocks — the Bryant-Lake Bowl, Midtown Global Market, In the Heart of the Beast, and El Nuevo Rodeo, just for starters. And there are plenty of other entertainment attractions just a short turn of the corner off Lake, like Patrick's Cabaret or the Uptown Theatre. But a main drag like Lake isn't just there for the entertainment of visitors — it's a route linking communities, a street where you can go to get your tires rotated, shop for a new pair of shoes, and pick up some eats at the nearest mercado or Halal market. It's a destination where you can do your day-to-day business, but in a way that defies the picture of Minnesota as a blandly monochromatic Lutheran prairie-settler homestead.


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