Best Scandal (2014)

Rogers Confessions

It didn't seem like much at the time. Addressing a rumor that he'd been spotted making out with a young gym teacher, Rogers High School senior Reid Sagehorn jokingly replied with a sarcastic two-word tweet: "Actually, yes." But that quip ended up forcing Sagehorn, a decorated athlete and honors student, to transfer schools more than halfway through his senior year. The reason? The tweet was reported to the school, which reported it to police, which threatened Sagehorn with criminal charges. Minnesota ACLU director Chuck Samuelson told us he was "baffled" by law enforcement's response to the scandal, and many observers thought officials took the whole thing way too seriously, but rightly or wrongly, Sagehorn's saga illustrates the importance of using discretion on social media, even if you're just going for a few LOLs.


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