Best Place to Meet Single Women (Straight) (2014)

The Loop

There are plenty of bars, coffee shops, and clubs in town where straight dudes can awkwardly stare at females from a distance before frantically trying to find them on Tinder. But if you're looking for an actual chance at finding a real-life female, the Loop in downtown Minneapolis is your best bet. Located in the North Loop, this is the perfect spot for finding eligible ladies out for a birthday or bachelorette party, or just looking to get loud on a Saturday. It's upscale enough that you aren't going to catch as much of the barely-21 crowd, but still affordable and comfortable enough that you aren't going to be staring at cougars sipping cosmos all night long either. The bar has a great menu, good drink specials, and a live DJ every Friday and Saturday night. So dress nice, throw on a generous amount of Axe Body Spray, and hit the Loop this weekend to find the single, straight female of your dreams.

Location Details

606 Washington Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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