Best Place for a First Date (2014)

Como Zoo

First dates are often a cliched mix of getting drinks and trying to figure out if you've got something — anything — in common. It's time to break the mold and get wild — literally. Make your first date an adventure and explore everything the Como Zoo has to offer. Not only will you and your date get to gush over your favorite animals (super important information, folks), you'll also get to know each other without the built-in awkwardness of sitting across from each other at a restaurant. In the wintertime, escape the cold in the Tropical Encounters exhibit and check out those sloths — if your date isn't impressed by their awesomeness, it's a sure sign the relationship isn't going to work out. If you're there in the warmer months, take a step into the past and ride Cafesjian's Carousel, which turns 100 this year. Walk through the loop outside and get some ice cream before stepping into the dreamlike and incredibly romantic butterfly garden. If all goes well, a romantic stroll through the conservatory and into the Japanese Garden might just be the best spot for your first smooch.

Location Details

1225 Estabrook Drive
St. Paul MN 55103


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