Best Local Girl Made Good (2014)

Nicole Curtis

In the sometimes froufrou world of interior design, HGTV star Nicole Curtis falls more on the This Old House end of the spectrum, getting down and dirty with mold and rot to restore old homes to their former glory. She's a pint-sized self-described "rehab addict" who is brimming with moxie — and she knows how to wield a sledgehammer. Originally from Detroit, the poster city for urban blight, Curtis has a soft spot for abandoned treasures, including her largest project to date: a restored mansion on Minnehaha Parkway in south Minneapolis. She gets entire communities to join in cleaning blighted properties in frigid winter temps (the chance of making a cameo on her TV show might have something to do with it). Plus she's a TV network's dream: a spitfire single mom, smart as a whip, and ready to crack skulls when her team of brawny bro-dudes doesn't show up to work on time.


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