Best Ghost Twitter Account (2014)


The second the snowflakes start to fall — which is basically every other day this year — Twitter turns into a place for grumpy residents to come together and compare cell phone pictures of snow banks on their patios. But there is one Twitter account that takes all of our misfortune and makes it hilarious. That account is @MPLSweather. We don't know who authors this mysterious weather account, but (s)he has fans as illustrious as former Mayor R.T. Rybak. Some of the funniest tweets include "#MPLSweather update: Full-scale riots break out at car washes across the metro as commuters try to wash off thick layers of salt, sadness," and "#MPLSweather update: Without apocalyptic winter storm in the forecast, @kare11 runs twentieth story about ice caves on Lake Superior today." This account provides at least one reason to embrace the blizzard, and for that we are thankful.


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