Best Facebook Page (2014)

Old Minneapolis

There's something amazing about seeing old-school, pre-social media pictures on a site that typically traffics in quizzes about which Game of Thrones character you are. That's why the Old Minneapolis page is a must-follow on Facebook. Created and maintained by Jesse Jamison, Old Minneapolis features black-and-white photos, news clippings, and other archival reminders of a city that has changed mightily. With over 49,000 Likes, it's a popular page with a generation of people who never got to see the 1970s the first time around. The site marks modernity as beginning on October 18, 1988 — the day demolition began to tear down Block E — and exclusively features material about the city from before that date. Seeing a new post appear in your feed brings instant nostalgia and a reminder of simpler times, before you were bombarded with updates from your friends every few seconds. Here's hoping we'll never have to take the "Which Old Minneapolis Building Are You?" quiz.


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