Best Commercial (2014)

Jeff Wagner for Mayor

No less of an authority than the Washington Post named this the Worst Political Ad of 2013, and they're right. The video is laughably ridiculous as an endorsement to elect a candidate. It begins with a woman musing about wanting a Minneapolis mayor who really represents the people. That's when Wagner comes wading out of one of our 10,000 lakes like a drunk Creature from the Black Lagoon, and proceeds to berate the electorate while shirtless. "I will not even go to the strip clubs any more," Wagner says. "Wake the fuck up!" At that point, the female voter hands Wagner a coffee mug and he goes tromping off into the lake again. It's really a pop-art masterpiece, far surpassing the weirdness of Lady Gaga's video offerings, and it helped vault a 12th-tier candidate out of anonymity and into the national discussion, albeit as a laughingstock. Wagner didn't manage to get elected mayor, but he did write the first sentence of his obituary, and there's even a chance it'll get a mention in the Washington Post.


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