Best Columnist (2014)


"You will identify me as C period J period. You won't be tryin' to put my name in there and messin' with my brand?" So began a phone interview last year between the Star Tribune gossip columnist and one of our reporters. No formality. Not even so much as "hello." In print, she's equally pushy, playful, and critical. Absolutely anyone is at risk, though primarily she focuses her attention on the broadcast industry, which she's dubbed "the mediaocrity" of the airwaves. And yet somehow she's managed to cultivate moles in all the major studios. For instance, a piece last spring about the rise of a female radio host made reference to at least three anonymous sources inside the company. It only goes to show that if you're unafraid to speak your mind, people will respect (and possibly fear) you. Her observations of public life and pop culture are consistently funny, insightful, and surprising. How else would we have known that Fred Evans of the Vikings stiffed a cabbie on the way home from a strip club because he couldn't wait to get his gal pal alone? "C period J period" keeps the egos of powerful people in check, and for that we salute her.


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