Best Adopted Minnesotan (2014)


Along with our homegrown heroes, Minnesota is also flush with a fair share of outsiders we're happy to claim as our own. A veritable nomad, the rapper otherwise known as Andy Bothwell hails from Florida and lived in Seattle before setting up camp in the Twin Cities. It didn't take long for Astronautalis to integrate himself into his new home, sharing an apartment with Sims (even a house fire couldn't dampen his enthusiasm) and cutting some recordings with that other Minnesota adoptee, Justin Vernon. In fact, his collaboration with P.O.S. — Four Fists — is so Minnesotan that it's named after an F. Scott Fitzgerald story. And that's to say nothing of the guy's inimitable style; hell, he can even rock an eye patch. (Don't worry, ladies, it was only temporary.) It's no surprise, then, that Astronautalis got recruited as an ambassador for Harley-Davidson, where his world's-coolest-job entails riding around on a gold motorcycle. He may be more mobile than ever, but he'll always have a home here in Minnesota.


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