Tucked away in the retail village at 50th and Penn, the Broders family-owned Terzo Vino Bar boasts close to 1,000 bottles of exclusively Italian wines, including varietals and vintages most oenophiles have never before encountered. Want to be whisked away on a tour of the Campania region? Take the trip via a flight of various mineral-rich white wines. Always wanted to get an education in Barolos but would never feel comfortable dropping $150 or more on a bottle? Sample sips from three-ounce pours and figure out if you like the fruity and floral notes or tar and tobacco ones better. In fact about 40 different wines are available by the glass here, which means you can try multiple things on multiple visits and never drink the same thing twice. And for happy hour companions who prefer something a little maltier, there are some lovely, interesting beers on tap, too. As if the wine part of this wine bar wasn't wonderful enough, the menu of small plates is refined, authentic, and gorgeously presented from salumi to dolce.

Location Details

2221 W. 50th St.
Minneapolis MN 55419


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