Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant (2014)


While focusing on vegetables seems to suddenly be in fashion, there is one spot where we have always gone for veggie-centric plates made with fresh, seasonal ingredients: Lucia's. Here in her Uptown institution, Lucia Watson has been crafting just such produce-packed meals for 29 years, and Lucia's remains one of the best places to eat an entirely meat-free meal. Baby greens are brightened with citrusy house-made vinaigrette; pastas are tossed with funky Taleggio and earthy mushrooms in the winter or bathed in bright garden-plucked tomato sauce in the summer; delicate crepes are folded over peppery arugula and bathed in a butter sauce. Every French-influenced dish here is ready for a food magazine cover photo shoot, but served with the Midwestern comfort that we adore. Lucia's is a shining example of how a restaurant evolves into an enduring classic.

Location Details

1432 W. 31st St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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