Best Vegetarian Burger (2014)


Unlocking the code of the vegetarian burger confounds even the greatest of culinary and chemistry sleuths. So many renditions are packed with ingredients crafted in a lab and slapped in a flash freezer until the soul is dehydrated right out of them. We demand a burger that is both meat-free and completely made of these magical components we like to call "food." The masterminds in the kitchen of Groundswell have succeeded in creating a cruelty-free patty that possesses flavor depth and wholesome satisfaction. A mix of nutrient-dense, richly flavored goodies like black beans, roasted vegetables, fresh herbs, and quinoa is balanced with a zing of Sriracha and horseradish aioli. The crispy exterior cradles the tender heart of the dish, and each bite is so rich and sustaining, you'll forgo the freezer aisle from here to veggie eternity.

Location Details

1340 W. Thomas Ave.
St Paul MN 55104


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