No matter what has changed in the world of restaurants in the last 50 years — the rise of the 20-ingredient craft cocktail, the return of the doughnut (and the demise of the cupcake), or the advent of tableside iPad ordering systems — it's still almost always the case that the most expensive, special dishes on a fine dining establishment's menu feature beef. Steak is very much still the king of meats, and there is no better or more appropriate place to enjoy that steak than in its natural environment: the steakhouse. We have some good ones in the Twin Cities, places that uphold the original founding tenets of the steakhouse as a place for manly men to do their power lunching. But with Burch, Isaac Becker set out to turn that outdated concept on its head, and in making the kind of steakhouse where he would want to eat, he created something that appealed to a wide range of diners. That's thanks, in part, to the many cuts and grades of beef on offer. Whether you choose a leaner, more minerally grass-fed strip steak; a beautiful, bone-in ribeye of aged prime beef, or eight perfect ounces of certified Japanese A5 wagyu, you're assured to get a bit of char flavor and meltingly tender texture in any steak you order here.

Location Details

1933 Colfax Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55403


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