Best State Fair Food (2014)

Frozen Mocha on a Stick at Minnesota Farmers Union Coffee Shop

There are a few things you can always count on about the Minnesota State Fair — actually there are a lot of things you can count on; that's part of the fair's appeal — and one of them is that at least a portion of the 12-day run will feature sweltering weather. It will be so hot, in fact, that deep-fried foods will briefly lose their appeal. If you find yourself at the fair on such a day, be sure to make your way to the Farmers Union Coffee Shop near the main Snelling Avenue entrance. There you will find (along with hot coffee drinks that you will bypass for now) a most delectable frozen item, the Mocha on a Stick. It's like a Fudgesicle for grown-ups, but even better than that sounds, with a rich, velvety texture and balanced, not-too-sweet chocolate and coffee flavors. It's a St. Paul-made treat: Grand Ole Creamery created it especially for the fair using organic coffee beans from the Bean Factory. Having debuted in 2006, the Mocha on a Stick isn't exactly a historical old favorite, but it's already become a classic, and a chai version was added in 2012. At $5.75, it's not the cheapest indulgence at the fair, but its cooling properties alone make it worth every penny.


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