There is no shortage of whimsy and playfulness at the Strip Club Meat & Fish, but make no mistake: Food this good is serious business. The service may be just a bit cheeky, but these are also polished professionals who will happily guide you from a cocktail made exactly to your liking to a dessert you'll never forget. Chef JD Fratzke's local food always includes fresh seasonal tastes, so while the Strip Club might be known for its delicious grass-fed beef steaks, you'd be remiss to pass over the vegetable offerings. Fratzke coaxes every ounce of flavor from his produce, bringing some joy to the admonition "eat your vegetables." Meanwhile, co-owner Tim Niver's hospitality and way with a cocktail are unparalleled. With all this and a stunning view of downtown St. Paul to boot, it's easy to settle into the comfort of a full stomach and a happy heart that the Strip Club always provides.

Location Details

378 Maria Ave.
St. Paul MN 55106


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