The iconic, fire-engine-red Chef Shack truck, captained by Carrie Summer and Lisa Carlson, was one of the most beloved and successful mobile kitchens in the Twin Cities' food truck revolution, and this year, it found a new parking space in Seward. Nestled in the heart of a neighborhood known for being a hippie enclave, the new Chef Shack location is a barbecue lover's paradise, with all of the farm-to-table bonafides and vegan-friendly fare that made the truck such a knockout. The gargantuan Big Boy Ranch Plate is sure to become a signature dish for the restaurant, and it works as an excellent sampler of CSR's strengths. The massive platter contains a mustard-slathered bacon-beer brat sourced from Fischer Farms, which could be a standout on its own if it weren't plated alongside some of the most tender, succulent pulled pork north of Kansas City. Add in their rich, impeccably charred and sauced beef brisket, beans, potato salad, and a ginger slaw that soars above its Midwestern counterparts, and the appeal becomes crystal-clear. Fans of the food truck's famous almond-based curry and Indian-spiced mini-donuts won't be disappointed either — both dishes make an appearance on CSR's menu, and the latter are sure to become your newest addiction. With low-key counter service and a cozy interior full of upcycled knick-knacks reminiscent of a country steakhouse, the Chef Shack Ranch remains true to its populist roots while creating food that's worthy of white tablecloths.

Location Details

3025 Franklin Ave. E.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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