Best Restaurant in Powderhorn (2014)

May Day Café

May Day Café is situated at the heart of the annual May Day Parade route, boasts a visible storefront on a main drag, and features a wide-ranging clientele for daily coffees, breakfasts, and lunches. The café is on the small side, with close-packed tables, communal spaces, and plenty of daily newspapers to share. It's part coffee shop and part community center, meanwhile dishing out fine fair-trade coffee and vegan meals in addition to delicious breakfast burritos, quiches, and more. A variety of local artists also sell their goods at the shop, and the bulletin board is always filled with interesting community projects, ensuring that a trip to May Day doesn't just bring good food and drink, but a stimulating cultural experience.

Location Details

3440 Bloomington Ave
Minneapolis MN 55407


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