Best Restaurant in Audubon Park (2014)

Hazel's Northeast

Tasty, approachable, reasonably priced, and family-friendly (but fancier than what you would probably end up cooking at home) are really tough boxes to tick all in one place, but Hazel's on Johnson Street is one neighborhood restaurant that manages it with ease. That's probably why it's always so packed with Audubon residents on Sunday mornings, when brunch includes drunken banana French toast topped with caramel and rum-soaked raisins. There's also creamy, peppery sausage gravy that gets ladled over big ol' fluffy house-made biscuits and the hard-to-resist meat waffle, which capitalizes on the time-honored practice of dipping your sausage in your maple syrup. Brothers Andrew and Adam Sieve, who own the restaurant, say that when designing the menu and feel of Hazel's, they aimed for "one part grandma" (dishes like Swedish meatballs, braised beef, and pulled pork sandwiches) "and one part grandson" (things like crab and shrimp mac and cheese, duck confit with pickled onions and lingonberries, and garbanzo bean cake with cucumber-yogurt sauce). I think we can safely say that the ratio works, and from the steady stream of regulars, the neighborhood seems to agree.

Location Details

2859 Johnson St. NE
Minneapolis MN 55418


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