The danger of dining out with little ones is the dreaded "dead zone," the time between placing your order and when the food actually arrives. For adults, it's a nice chance to chat with companions; for kids, it's the perfect time to fidget until they've knocked over a glass of water. At Fika, located inside the historic American Swedish Institute, you'll find a play area outdoors for kids to romp while you wait for your meal. There are activities for every age, from glittering hula hoops to the old ball-in-a-cup game, and since Fika is open every day for lunch, it's a perfect spot to catch up with other parents. Adults will find plenty to enjoy: The gravlax is served as little jewel-colored, diced, cured salmon, tossed in a light dressing with leek horseradish panna cotta, roe, and dots of lemon gelée, served with house-made potato chips for scooping. Kids will appreciate the open-faced sandwiches, which are perfect for little hands. And for those with a sweet tooth, Fika's baked goods are divine, especially the cardamom bun. This lunchtime retreat is a lovely spot to take a break, enjoy a lovely meal, and watch the kids play.

Location Details

2600 Park Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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