While James Bond's drink of choice may seem like a simple mixture, it's a delicate libation, requiring an expert pour. Order a classic martini at the Peacock Lounge at Erte, and you'll get a creation smooth and crisp with a slight kick that can be made dirty (or double dirty!) with olives or kept simple with a twist. Whether you're a traditional gin martini lover or a vodka martini aficionado, both deliver the goods. If you're looking for something a little less harsh, they've got an extensive list of "martinis" — mixed cocktails that come in that iconic v-shaped glass and are served with a variety of garnishes from crystallized ginger to rock candy. This Northeast hotspot is equipped with a gorgeous brushed-metal bar topped by a Tiffany-style peacock lamp that sets the perfect backdrop for both casual conversation and romantic dates. The marble walls lend the Peacock Lounge an air of sophistication, but this place isn't stuffy. With the volume in this joint always hanging at a low buzz, you can sidle up to the bar and order your favorite variation on the martini in the perfect vintage atmosphere.

Location Details

323 13th Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN 55413


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