The Kenwood has blended so seamlessly into the neighborhood for which it's named, you'd hardly believe it has been there for only a couple of years. The main dining room is wide, comfortable, and warm with classic elegance. Easing into a table in front of the plaid walls and gazing out one of the windows, you might find yourself wanting to linger for the rest of the day — especially once you've sampled the delectable wonders of Don Saunders's kitchen. For your midday meal, choose from equally breathtaking brunch and lunch items. The smoked steelhead trout hash comes with poached eggs quivering upon a crispy bed of shredded potato and celery root, hiding the perfectly smoked trout below. The pulled pork sandwich is soft and lush, and the pancakes are graced with black walnut-studded butter and draped in real maple syrup. Care is poured into every step, into every thoughtfully placed micro green or grain of salt. Lunch isn't always given so much attention, but here it's given a chance to shine.

Location Details

2115 W. 21st St.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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