So often great food is caught up in the argument over authenticity. Sure, it's good, but is it what you would get if you were actually there, in that country, on the block, on a sunny day, when the mail was just delivered? The real question should be how well does this menu reflect the culture and translate those flavors from heart to plate? Few restaurants do this in more stunning fashion than the Korean-influenced Rabbit Hole. The kimchi is fiery, tart, and made in-house; the kimchi fried rice topped with an egg is utterly addictive; the ultra-crispy bacon haemul pajeon comes packed with tender little scallops; and the 21-spice crispy chicken strips have us swooning every time we order. Owners Thomas Kim and Kat Melgaard are living out their own American dream, full of Korean spice. We're the lucky ones who get to taste the reality of that very authentic dream.

Location Details

920 E. Late St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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