The decision to team up with Verdant Tea proved to be a very wise one for Ashlee Olds, founder and owner of Sweet Science Ice Cream. Moving into a regular storefront with a steady stream of customers gave her product more exposure, and the handful of other craftspeople who sell their wares at Verdant presented opportunities for culinary collaboration, like the matcha green tea milkshakes they offered at the counter this summer. But Olds remains laser-focused on quality, and that's why her ice cream reigns supreme. Whether it's a batch of rhubarb cinnamon almond, made with organic fruit and a balanced amaretto base; the superlative salted caramel variety, which Olds purposefully serves at a warmer temperature than other flavors for maximum sweet, salt, and fat impact; or the cocktail-inspired Old Fashioned flavor, unveiled this year as the result of some tinkering and toying with Easy and Oskey's orange and cherry-vanilla bitters, there is always a moment of marvel at the purity of the flavor in Sweet Science's ice creams. If you go into Verdant with the intention of getting a caffeine fix, make sure to leave with a pint of this ice cream. Chances are you'll need a luxurious sugar fix too.

Location Details

2111 E. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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