Best Happy Hour for Drinks (2014)


Where else but Liquor Lyle's can you drop in at 10 in the morning, 6 in the evening, or 10 at night and know that no matter what, it's very likely happy hour? Few places outside the Saloon and your own living room make drinks as cheap and strong as the ones at Lyle's, so make sure you order water and maybe a basket of chicken strips to go with your steady stream of whiskey diets. Things to know for first-timers: It's well worth it to upgrade your rail cocktails to top shelf because it only costs 50 cents extra, and wait to order until after 9 p.m., when many pints ring in at under $2 and the monthly rotating mystery cocktail sells for just $3. Who deserves to partake of this happy hour magic? Lyle's takes all kinds. Bring your friend in need of a post-breakup shakeup, the co-worker you don't know very well but you suspect is cool, or the person you're desperately trying to hook up with — just don't bring your passport as ID because they don't accept them and they really don't like explaining why.

Location Details

2021 Hennepin Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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