Many a Twin Cities fine dining establishment serves up a glorious platter of hand-cut fries, often spiked with extras like bacon, or a house-made secret sauce. But a city's best fries are not an elite food. They're the kind of thing you turn to at your regular watering hole when you need a snack, the kind of thing tasty enough to cut through even the three-beer haze coating your taste buds. The fries at Republic are that thing. Everyone knows that Republic's two locations have beer lists lengthy enough to earn national nods (most recently, a spot on Draft Magazine's 100 best beer bars in America). But they also have fries that are transcendent. Crispy. Skin-on. Always hot. Thin but still hearty. Just the right amount of salt. And served up with house-made aioli and ketchup. Sure, aioli has become the new thing to pair with fries, but Republic gets the trend right. Its version of the fancy mayo is a garlicky one that could easily make the potato sticks just an excuse to slurp it up. If, that is, the fries weren't already so good on their own.

Location Details

221 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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