Best Food Neighborhood (2014)


Last year's winner in this category, the North Loop, is still going strong, adding more bars, restaurants, and breweries by the day. But while all eyes have been on the Warehouse District, Seward has been quietly propping itself up for a comeback. There are the old standbys finding a new audience, like the Seward Cafe and the re-vamp of Tracy's Saloon and Eatery, which now boasts an almost fully from-scratch kitchen and seriously good dry-rubbed chicken wings. There are the hidden gems like the Himalayan Restaurant, with its hot and hearty Nepalese, Tibetan, and Indian cuisine, and the "I've been meaning to try it" list-makers like the Blue Nile, with its excellent beer selection. And there are newcomers like Verdant Tea House with all its foodie collaborators and Chef Shack Ranch, serving everything from brunch to barbecue. Seward Community Co-op and its expanded deli remains the grab-and-go favorite for this area; you can always count on a late-night slice from Pizza Luce; and though the neighborhood will never be the same without True Thai, we're excited to see what new ventures will pop up to keep Seward's streak going strong.


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