Grand Szechuan's Beef in Szechuan Chili Broth is the kind of food that fights the common cold. Actually, "fight" is probably too meek a word to describe the scorched-earth warfare initiated once you take the first bite of this volcanic chili-(and chili oil-) soaked dish. The more you eat, the more germs and bad juju are burned out of your sinuses; finish the dish in one sitting and your cold will be reduced to a quivering pile of impotent ash. Beef (or Fish or Tofu or Pork) in Szechuan Chili Broth is indeed one of the hottest dishes in the Twin Cities, but it's also one of the tastiest. And if you're not battling illness, stop by this Bloomington strip-mall legend any time for dishes that will make you feel closer to the sun. Unfortunately, it's always tough to choose among entrees like Cumin Lamb, Quick Fried Crispy Fish, and Piao Xiang Chicken. But some battles must be fought alone.

Location Details

10602 France Ave. S.
Bloomington MN 55431


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