What makes a great chef? Is it a galaxy of starred reviews? Is it someone who inspires other chefs to stretch their skills and push the bounds of innovation? Or is a truly great chef someone who consistently raises the bar for not just compatriots and diners, but the culinary landscape of an entire city? Whatever your answer is, Doug Flicker fits the bill. Since our first sampling of his dishes at the late, lamented Auriga to our last delicious stunner of edible artwork at Piccolo, Flicker's dishes are always full of flavor and gently nudging us to expect more from a dining experience. His modestly sized dishes inside this cozy neighborhood bistro make for white linen-level dining in a more relaxed atmosphere. Even more relaxed is Flicker's seasonal restaurant, Sandcastle at Nokomis Beach. From haute cuisine to casual fare, Doug Flicker makes us better eaters, our local dining scene finer, and our world a tastier place.

Location Details

4300 Bryant Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55409


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