Corner Table is the gold standard for responsible meat consumption and farm-to-table freshness, and that is all on gorgeous display in their charcuterie. Silken pâté is placed inside a small jar, capped with creamy fat. Slices of mortadella are studded with green pistachios. Pâté en croûte is wrapped and cradled in buttery bread with unctuous meat at the heart of every bite. Boudin blanc is pristine in color and ever-so-slightly sweet in its wonderfully mild flavor. Zesty ribbons of capicola are rimmed with tongue-tingling spices. Bits of headcheese are delightfully rich in pork flavor. If you're a meat lover, this is by far some of the most delicious charcuterie you'll ever have.

Location Details

4537 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55409


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