While you're standing in the inevitable weekend brunch line at this Powderhorn hot spot, flip through the local zines on wall racks, or the mugs handmade by one of the owners, or the stack of postcards, including those with the slogan, "Modern Times Café: Where the Punks Take Their Parents." It's true: Modern Times hosts all kinds, and while the inside of this café has plenty to look at — colorful tables, rotating wall art — best of all are the diners next to you. There are punks, sure, tattooed and shaking off their hangovers with a heaping helping of the Tucson Tough Guy scramble. But there are also little kids, old couples sharing a paper at the counter, and all the other types that make up Powderhorn's vibrant neighborhood. The service is of the excellent, flipping-tables-but-still-making-sure-your-coffee-mug-is-always-full variety, but nothing beats the food. Modern Times is that rare place beloved by vegetarians, vegans, gluten-averse, and carnivores alike, with sides ranging from tempeh to bacon. Every item on the menu is unpretentiously marked with a dietary category, and all of those items — from the hearty veggie scrambles to the generous migas to the decadent croques — are delicious.

Location Details

3200 Chicago Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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