The early days of our local craft beer and brewery boom were colored mostly by the hoppy, soapy IPAs produced by places like Summit and Surly. But as our scene evolved, so did the beer styles. Whenever we tasted something particularly fresh and distinctive, Indeed was usually the brewery behind it. Every season seems to inspire an almost culinarily driven new variety, which means there's always an interesting release to look forward to. Fall is now synonymous with the pumpkin pie-scented Sweet Yamma Jamma; the warm months are perfectly conducive to Indeed's cloudy but totally refreshing Shenanigans Summer Ale, an American take on a Hefeweizen that Indeed periodically infuses with citrus, black cherry, or habanero pepper; and in the winter nothing breaks your cabin fever better than the malty, chocolate-forward Stir Crazy, a lighter-bodied winter warmer. This year's Hot Box Imperial, a deeply smoky, peppery porter made with a little help from brewery buddies Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub, showed even greater strength in range and made us hope that more of our local breweries take a cue from these collaborative efforts and make doubly interesting crossover beers.

Location Details

711 15th Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN 55413


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