We like to start our days the way we end them — in close proximity to a bar — and at Ward 6 we can get our morning caffeine fix in a tall glass of Surly Coffee Bender. Best of all, we get to follow up that jolt with any number of exceptional early-in-the-day dishes. Breakfast poutine here isn't just a riff on the wonder of a great French fry, it's a way of life. A dish of crispy potatoes smothered in sausage gravy and gooey fresh cheese is more than enough to fortify you against even the coldest Minnesota day. Ward 6 also passes the test of a great breakfast — a perfectly cooked egg — with flying colors every time we order. Harissa-spiked Hollandaise makes for a killer eggs Benedict, and the so-called Disaster breakfast scramble will destroy any ills you may have caused yourself the night before; plus, sweets fans can bury their faces in the mountain of powdered sugar that tops the beignets or dive face first into a pile of impossibly fluffy pancakes. Ward 6 is truly a breakfast joint for breakfast lovers.

Location Details

858 Payne Ave.
Saint Paul MN 55130


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