Not that long ago, the Nomad had a prix fixe that you couldn't find anywhere else: a PBR that came not with a shot, but with a cigarette. Now, far be it from us to encourage smoking, but boy, did it ever come in handy for those late nights drinking on the West Bank. You know, when all those shots make the smoker, or at least socializer, in us come out to play. Alas, that deal has been consigned to history, but fear not: Today the Nomad offers not one, but two different deals on a daily basis. One is a PBR with a shot of Jameson, the other a Chicago Fire (an Old Style with a shot of Fireball). Both cost only five dollars, which is about as good of a deal as you'll find somewhere other than a dive or a bro-haven — and even then you're looking at a rail drink. So throw down on a prix fixe or five and get the party started already. Besides, this way if you're still jonesing for that smoke, you'll just have to make a new friend. And that ain't a half-bad idea.

Location Details

501 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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