Best Vocalist (Female) (2014)

Ashley DuBose

Ashley DuBose was just on the NBC singing competition show The Voice for good reason. Never prone to too many flourishes when she can trust herself to hit her notes, DuBose has a pure voice. Her 2012 album Somethin' More recently got an acoustic makeover, and it feels like a test of the folkiness of her material. There's really no limit to what type of music she can be good for, but the St. Paul product's specialty is R&B and soul. Sure, she has jumped on a hip-hop hook or three, but she's got bars for days. On The Voice, DuBose ran circles 'round Rihanna's "Diamonds" and even made Train's "Hey Soul Sister" palatable. It's exciting to ponder the possibilities of how and where she'll be heard next.


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