Best Venue to Watch Musicians Watching Other Musicians (2014)


Walk into the rustic, sparingly decorated Icehouse nearly any night of the week and you're liable to find more musicians in the audience than on stage. Since the Eat Street destination opened in 2012, it has built a reputation as the place where the city's best and brightest come to watch the city's best and brightest. Some nights, it feels a bit like you're standing in an incubator, watching ideas and new bands hatch right before your eyes. Catch a couple of musicians chatting over beers in the corner one night and you might see them holding down the rhythm section onstage in a new ensemble a few weeks later. Everyone shows up because the music is always top-notch and top-notch ideas breed more of the same. Sometimes, that means everyone drinks a few beers, tells a few stories, and calls cabs home. Other nights, it's ground zero for the city's music scene realigning itself into yet another awe-inspiring configuration.

Location Details

2528 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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