When it comes to strip clubs, most guys are looking for the combination of two things: fully nude women and alcohol. Unfortunately, thanks to the antiquated cabaret law, clubs in downtown Minneapolis must choose either/or: They can serve alcohol and have topless dancers, or they can have full nudity but only serve juice. Luckily for bachelor parties, Inver Grove Heights has no such compunction. It's a bit of a drive — a half-hour from downtown — but when it comes to strip clubs, it's the destination, not the journey. King of Diamonds is a labyrinth of flesh, featuring two stages, two bars, and dozens of gorgeous ladies. The VIP area takes it to the next level, featuring swank couches with their own individual stages and stripper poles. You might not think showing up at a strip club on weekday afternoon is kosher, but King of Diamonds will convince you otherwise. It's packed at this hour, perhaps because of the free admission before 5, or the $1 beers from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. And that's not the only way that the King defies strip club stereotypes. While questionable lunch buffets at strip clubs have become a hoary joke, KOD features a menu you might actually want to order from. Throw in a spacious free parking lot and a shuttle to Wild games, and you've got a good excuse to venture out of downtown and into our suburban Sin City.

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Location Details

6600 River Road
Inver Grove Heights MN 55076


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