Best Standup (Local) (2014)

Chris Maddock

Chris Maddock might be the hardest working comedian in the Twin Cities. As one of the founding fathers of the infamous Death Comedy Jam open mic at Grumpy's, Maddock has hosted the event every Wednesday for the past decade. In December, he hosted a 15-hour comedy marathon to commemorate the Jam's 10-year anniversary. When he's not leading up-and-coming open micers to slaughter, he can be found playing for packed rooms at local clubs like the House of Comedy, Comedy Corner Underground, and Joke Joint. If that's not enough, Maddock is one-fifth of the local comedy super group the Turkeys, who have become one of the hottest shows on the local comedy scene this past year. He's released an album through local powerhouse label Stand Up! Records, and continues to prove that there's plenty of reasons why he is loved by comedy fans as well as his fellow Twin Cities comedians.


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