Best Song About Minnesota (2014)

Jeremy Messersmith, "You'll Only Break His Heart"

When winter arrives, Minnesotans succumb to a great many distractions. Booze, football, routine complaining, and all sorts of far tawdrier pleasures keep our minds away from the inevitable pit that is seasonal affective disorder. Sex is a popular choice. A song called "You'll Only Break His Heart" from Jeremy Messersmith's 2014 album, Heart Murmurs, explores the moments right before a current winter fling becomes last year's news. Fallen snow, hidden secrets, and you can kinda see where this is going. It even includes a pronoun-swapping twist that's a reminder of our state's recent legalization of same-sex unions. Over a softly evolving string pattern and the light patter of drums, Messersmith sings, "He's out of touch/He's last year's fashion/Lately, when you kiss/There's no passion/But don't tell him/You found a lover/Lie awake at night/Dream about her." Even if your winter distraction is merely swapping pronouns, this is still worth a listen.


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