Best Single (2014)

"Lady, You Shot Me," Har Mar Superstar

When Har Mar Superstar announced a soulful stylistic shift on his new album, Bye Bye 17, some local skeptics wondered if the notorious musical prankster had the heart to play it straight for an entire record. But "Lady, You Shot Me" assuaged all those worries immediately. The track draws inspiration from the last words that Sam Cooke reportedly spoke, shortly after he was fatally shot by the manager of the Hacienda Motel in Los Angeles in 1964. On the single — along with the rest of the album — Owatonna-bred Sean Tillmann's robust croon soars over funky, seductive arrangements. The production on "Lady, You Shot Me" is exquisite. As the brassy horns ring out, so do the refined histrionics and renewed creative focus of Har Mar. He's not only playing it straight this time around — he's playing for keeps.


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