The Triple Rock Social Club is owned by musicians and designed for music lovers. The relatively no-frills club puts the focus of the room squarely on the musicians on stage, with few distractions — other than a welcoming bar — to pull you away from the show. After willing Lifter Puller to reunite for the first show in the club's expanded live space back in 2003, the T-Rock has hosted major touring acts like M83, the Kills, Vampire Weekend, and Savages before they truly broke big. Local acts on the rise including Howler, Prissy Clerks, and Now, Now also regularly shine in the intimate setting. The sightlines in the club are perfect no matter where you are standing, and the sound is consistently pristine. In an area chock-full of them, the Triple Rock still stands out as the best rock club.

Location Details

629 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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